Manage Connect How to Write Your Own Daily Affirmations

Affirmations help you in that they allow you to stay positive and retain the positivity throughout the day. When do you use affirmations? You can make your own on a daily basis. How do you do that? Read on to find out.For instance, you wake up one morning to find out that one of your kids has fallen off from her bed and broken her hand. A day that starts like this is certainly set for cloud and gloominess. But you write an affirmation sometime in the middle of the day in your lovely journal and feel better and more focused on positivity. Here it is:My children are always well taken care of and I pray for their highest good.What if it is a rainy day all day long one day?You cannot go outside in the rain to the nearest supermarket and drip in rain. So you write an affirmation as follows in your journal and feel good for the rest of the day:

Today is a rainy day. So I like to cuddle with my family indoors and spend quality time with them.You are hard at work, having a very busy schedule. But your colleagues urge you to join a treat in a nearby restaurant. You cannot let them down. So before leaving for that treat, you quickly write down an affirmation for your good as follows:A lot of work has to be done. Yet I manage to take time out with my colleagues. It distracts me for a while and does me a world of good.It’s a summer day. All your children are dressed in white shorts and T-shirts. You and your hubby are dressed in summer clothes as well. Before you leave for Disneyland as you planned, you quickly drop down an affirmation in your journal as follows:Today I feel happy to be with my family all set to go to Disneyland. I feel strongly that my hubby and the children are sure to have loads of fun.Someone close to you in the family passed away at a young age. You feel so upset and teary at the thought. In order to control yourself, you write the following affirmation:I cease to take life for granted. Yet while I am alive on this mighty planet, I make the best of everything.It’s one of your older friend’s fiftieth birthday. You want to gift her something appropriate on the occasion but you have no idea what that would be. You think of a variety of possibilities and yet you cannot settle on anything. So you write an affirmation in your journal:

Dear God, I sincerely hope I can find the proper gift for Alice’s birthday which comes to good use for her as well as make her happy.Summing up, come to think of it, writing affirmations is not that much of a challenge. Think of the situation you are in and leverage it towards a positive thought and write it down. Yes, it can be that simple and easy breezy. The more you write them down and practice on a daily basis, the better expert you become in figuring out daily affirmations.

9 Benefits of Playing Video Games

Today’s games are ambitious, challenging, and complex. The games are getting better with the passage of time. As a matter of fact, the benefits go beyond the entertainment. Given below are a few surprising benefits of playing video games.

1. They are good for surgeons

Reading latest research is a must for surgeons. According to a study of laparoscopic, it was discovered that surgeons who have a habit of playing video games for over three hours in 7 days are more likely to perform better during the procedures they perform.

2. They Help You Overcome Dyslexia

According to some research studies, attention difficulties is one of the main causes of dyslexia. As a matter of fact, a study found that patients shown better reading comprehension once they have played a video game. Actually, what happens is that video games change the environment on a constant basis in order to make the player focus more.

3. They Improve Your eyesight

You may have heard that sitting too close to the TV is bad for you vision. However, today, scientists found that if you play games in moderation, your vision will get better. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend a bit of time playing your favorite video games.

4. They boost your career

Some game genres make players develop better leadership traits. As a result, they provide better services for the society. According to researchers, players show a correlating motivation to choose a better career.

5. They Make You Physical

Some games improve your body interaction. Even if you play with a handheld controller, it will be considered a physical activity. As a matter of fact, sports games, such as tennis, basketball or skateboarding games may help your kids practice the required skills.

6. Games slow down your Aging Process

Today’s brain games help you improve your memory, puzzle components and problem solving skills, especially if you are a senior player. According to a study, a few players played these games for 10 hours. In the end, they showed an improved cognitive functioning.

7. Games help you lessen your pain

What do you do to distract yourself from pain? Of course, you focus your attention on something else. However, you can also play video games to achieve the same purpose. As a matter of fact, playing games helps your body produce a pain-killing response in your body. You don’t feel the pain at all if you are paying full attention to the game that you are playing.

8. Games help you get social

People think that gamers are too insulated; however, this is not true. Nowadays, you have multi-player games that let you get in touch with new players. People from different corners of the world get together, play their favorite games and solve mutual problems.

9. Games help you reduce stress

Some games induce stress, but you can also find some that help you reduce your stress. According to a study, players who played video games had stable heart rates compared to the ones who didn’t play video games.

So, these are some of the benefits that you can enjoy if you play video games.